Titan Poker Canada Review

If you’re not aware, Titan Poker is part of the “iPoker Network”. What this means is that they share their playerbase with a bunch of other poker rooms.

If you’re sitting at the Titan Poker tables, you could be playing against players from Titan Poker, Sun Poker, Bet365 Poker, William Hill Poker or about 20 other online poker rooms.

Of course this doesn’t really affect anything in a negative way – it doesn’t slow down the game or anything like that. It’s actually all positive – there’s a much larger playerbase due to all these poker rooms so you’ll always find a game. Plus with 10+ sportsbooks sharing the network, the tables are full of bad players.

But I know what question you’re wanting to ask…

Of these 20+ rooms, why do I play at Titan Poker?

It’s pretty simple – exclusive promotions.

See, most of the sportsbooks on this network don’t actually like poker. They don’t want their punters losing their money to poker players – they want them to lose it at the sportsbook! Because of that, most of these sportsbooks offer very little in the way of promotions for their poker players.

As for the rest – they just don’t have the money to compete with Titan Poker.

I mean christ – here are just some of Titans offerings: $1000 new player bonus, $10,000 in new player freerolls, free poker calculator software, $105k SNG Heat Promo, 9 Tier VIP Club and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The amount of promotions at Titan is sick, and is a great way to make some extra bucks while playing online poker in Canada.

So head on over to Titan Poker and check out the promotions for yourself!