Party Poker Canada Review

Party Poker will always hold a strong place in my heart; while it wasn’t the first online poker room that I played at, it was the first Canada poker room that really got me hooked on online poker.

Party Poker also back in 2003 had a really sick bonus system, and was where I built my online poker bankroll. It was also the biggest poker room at the time, and there was always TONS of games going on. I remember it was actually tough to register for a sit&go tournament, because as soon as one opened up it immediately filled up.

Of course a lot has changed since then. The UIEGA happened, which caused Party Poker to pull out of the USA.

However while traffic numbers have went down, it really didn’t affect Party much at all. They’ve used this opportunity to become one of the biggest non-US poker rooms, and get an absolute ton of traffic from Canada.

Party is still a really good place to play. One thing I like is knowing that my funds are 100% safe here. Party Poker are traded on the stock market, and I can feel safe knowing that they’re not going to run away with my money overnight(I had that happen at Eurolinx).

Party Pokers a great place to play at, and it’s probably the best Canada poker room online when it comes to tournament players. If you’re a Canadian Tournament Poker Player, it really is a dream come true.

Guaranteed tournaments around the clock, and the best poker room for a Canadian poker player to qualify for the World Series of Poker.

Check Party Poker out – click here.