Bodog Canada Poker Review

I still remember that day in August 2009 when I heard that Bodog was finally opening up to Canadians.

Bodog has been online for a long time, and their main focus has always been their Sportsbook. What this means is that the poker room is generally full of fish because sports betters are NOTORIOUS for being really bad poker players.

It’s either people who have won a few big parlays and want to take their money to the poker tables, or people who have had a bad NFL Sunday, and want to try and win their money back playing poker. Either way it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

The software is really slick too – I remember hearing about lots of problems in 2005-2006 where the games were soft, but the software was horrible. Thankfully that’s no longer the case as they did a huge upgrade in 2008 with resizeable tables and everything you could ask for to make playing poker at Bodog Canada a lot better.

What’s also awesome about Bodog is the fact that they have their own Bodog Canada website. This means that we get exclusive promos that other countries don’t get – there’s always a bunch of slick bonuses, exclusive to Canada Poker Players.

I’m not a real big tournament player which is unfortunate, as Bodog run some really sick guarantees every week. One thing I really like at Bodog though is that you earn poker points as you play, then you trade them in for cash and the rate is really good too – a lot better than most online poker rooms.

Bodog is the place that I play at the most right now – the games are just too soft to pass up. Who knows how long they’ll stay in the US Market though – so that’s why at primetime EST I’m always hitting up the Bodog tables.

Click Here to Play at Bodog Canada.