Whats up Guys,

I'm Dan, I love in Kingston, Ontario and I've been playing poker professionally online since 2001.

I've played live poker at casinos all over Canada, but to me nothing beats online poker. A much faster pace, able to multi-table, no waiting lists, much lower rake - yup, online poker is just miles ahead of live poker in my opinion.

Looking online, I've found there really isn't many good websites dedicated to Canada Poker.

I'm here to change that.

With my 10 year experience and knowledge as a Canadian Professional Poker Player, I aim to bring you the best possible resource when it comes to Canada Poker. Want to know where to play? I'll give you my experienced at every poker room I've played at. Not sure how a Canadian can deposit? I'll tell you the methods I use.

Canada Poker is the best type of poker! Hell I know many US Poker players who have moved to Canada just so they can continue to play online poker. We get the best bonuses, the best promotions, and the pick of poker rooms to play at! Online Canada Poker is legal, safe to play, and the easiest way to make money online.

I hope you enjoy the site guys. I'm looking forward to this becoming the biggest resource on the web for Canada Poker! No banners or any BS like that - just hard-hitting information about Canada Poker Online!